How much does the Chinese visa cost?

Chinese visa cost

No one can beat the best feeling when traveling. The comfort of foreign cuisines, the beam of the smile of the locals, and the fun adventure that await. But before we enjoy the pleasures of traveling, we are deeply concerned about one thing, the cost! 

How much is the airfare? Are local meals expensive? Is the transportation fee cheap? Before we can jump off to these questions, we have to face the actual reality first and start asking… how much does the Chinese visa cost? Money matters again. Why are we concerned about it? Apart from the visa cost, we fret about the rest of the expenses we have to spend on the entire trip.

That is the logic. Thus, we don’t have to feel conscious about worrying such stuff, it’s just reality. A smart traveler must learn the details, plan, then execute. So, to start with, how much does a Chinese visa cost?

Having the visa-cost-concern stuck in our head, we need to search high and low for the best value. The first stop, of course, is the Chinese Consulate; we have to know exactly how much the Chinese visa center charges us to pay for the visa. The cost varies substantially on nationality, the number of entries applied for, and to what country we applied for. As the Chinese Consulate charges higher fees on multiple entry visa applicants, there are some countries in which the Consulate regulates fixed cost despite how many entries the visa applicants apply for, for instance, United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. Irrespective of the number of entries a US applicant applies for, one has to pay 140$. Moreover, several Consulates collect Visa payment upon the application, while the rest requires payment to be made upon the release of Visa.

There are multiple countries in which applicants need not pay the Visa fee when traveling to China. The countries, Albania, Maldives, Micronesia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, are some of the few who have special consensus with China to be free from visa fees. How great must it be to be traveling to China without shelling out for the visa? 

Now we have walked through some relevant information, and yet we still want to find other preferable options at which we pay the best at the most convenient way of obtaining the Visa. 140$ is a good price. However, we have to consider the vexing processes we have to go through. If we can’t wait for our Visa to be released the soonest, we can have it expedited.

What is express service for Chinese visa? One edge for the express service is to cut short our waiting period to two to four business days; we’ll need to pay extra charges for Chinese Visa express fee. We can take into account applying for Visa by ourselves, however, the time spent and hassle is too much to handle. There are several less taxing ways to make our visit to China more possible. Numerous visa agents, for one, are located in every part of the world. They

accommodate Visa applicant from issuing invitation letters, collecting documents and processing the visa application. There is much considerable difference with how much time we can save from applying from Visa service instead of doing all the tasks by ourselves. 

Let’s travel the world smartly. Make the best choice at the best value. For your travel concerns and needs, visit us at We’ll provide the best solution that’s worth your money.

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