FAQ of Chinese Visa

Chinese Visa

When you travel the globe, there is no better than being equipped. Equipped doesn’t just literally mean being prepared with the luggage you have to bring, but practically knowledgeable with significant information even to the tiniest details. Traveling alone and seeking help in a foreign land makes you apprehensive, thus it necessitates knowledge. Before you proceed with your travel plans to the People’s Republic of China, it is paramount to know every fact about Chinese Visa.

When is the best time to apply for a Chinese Visa?

Several first time applicants are inexperienced about Chinese Visa; Most have likely target dates on leaving for China but do not know when the best time to apply for Chinese Visa is. When you intend to leave for China, give yourself about 90 day-sufficient-time for the application or 30 to 60 days the least. In case you lack some documents, you have some ample period to complete the essentials.

How long does it take to get the Chinese Visa?

Once the visa application has been processed, you’ll surely look forward to receiving your Chinese Visa the soonest, and asks how long it takes to get a Chinese Visa. The Chinese Visa’s regular processing time takes 4 business days, thus expect that the visa will be available between 4-6 working days.

What is express service for a Chinese visa?

There are many cases that visa applicants prefer receiving their Chinese Visa shorter than the usual releasing period. Chinese consulate allows the express service for a Chinese visa and it takes 2 business days for only an additional 20$ per visa. In a very rare case, the Chinese consulate grants a 1-day visa release for urgent circumstances for 30$ per visa.


How much does a Chinese Visa cost?

The Chinese visa cost ranges from 30 to 140$ depending on the Visa type applied for, the nationality of the applicant, the number of entries and to what country has the application been made. There are few countries which visa cost doesn’t vary despite the entries applied for; this applies to the USA, Canada, and the UK.


How long does a Chinese tourist visa last?

A Chinese Tourist visa holder can be granted with either single or double entry-visa by the Chinese Consulate. This is valid for 90 days or 180 days from its period of issuance. This implies that you should travel to China within 90 or 180 days from the time of its release. 


How long is a Chinese visa good for?

A Chinese Visa is good for 10 years from the period of its release. But, it doesn’t mean that you can stay up to 10 years, rather, the Visa is valid for 10 years, and can let you re-enter China multiple times, 30 days the most for Tourist and Business Visa holders.


How to check if my Chinese visa is still valid?

The “Issue date” and “Enter before date” are vital information you must know. To check if Chinese Visa is still valid, take note of the issue date, it marks the date when your visa was issued and the validity of visa starts, whereas, the enter before date means the day before your visa expires.

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